Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Provinces at the beach!

Everyone's favourite wacky family, the Provinces, interrupt their vacation with a familiar debate:

"I think I'm special and unique," sighs Quebec.

"We know, you're a girl," says Alberta, "Thanks for reminding us yet again."

"Well, I'm a hermaphrodite, so I'm special too," chimes in New Brunswick.

"I have something of a feminine side myself," says Ontario, "And Quebec has her tomboyish bits, also."

"Jesus," huffs BC, holding a lungful of smoke in, "Haven't we been over and over this already?"

"I just think it's time you boys all understood - I'm different than you. I have a unique perspective and outlook and I obey a different set of - you know, rules."

"That doesn't make you special," chides Ontario, "I'm special, too - I have a huge... you know."

"Yeah, we know," groans Nova Scotia, "No need to keep reminding."

"It was the biggest in the world at one time, you know."

"Thanks - we know!"

"I'm the best looking one," suggests BC.

"Says who?" object the rest in unison.

"Oh, but you have had a lot of substance abuse problems!" offers Nova Scotia.

"Good one!" cries BC, "High five!"

"I'm adopted!" smiles Newfoundland proudly.

"I went through rebellious phase a long time ago," suggests Manitoba. "In this family, that's special..."

"I'm a unique colour!" pipes up PEI.

"No one ever remembers me," says Saskatchewan, "That's special!"

"I survived a huge explosion!" reminds Nova Scotia.

"You want to talk about 'special'? You wanna talk about 'grievances'?" scoffs Alberta, "I was the one being anally raped all my entire adolescence by our loving parents, just because Ontario thought it would be interesting to watch - I'd call that pretty fucking 'unique', wouldn't you?"

"Oh dear," tuts Ontario, quickly changing the subject, "Alberta has some issues to work out. Now, back to Quebec - "

"Why do I feel like I don't have a voice in this family?" asks Alberta, "Why?"

"Because we don't, join the club," says BC.

"I feel like no one ever listens to me," says Alberta.

"Is someone talking? I can't hear anything," quips Quebec.

"Yeah, me too," agrees Ontario, "I keep hearing this faint buzz, but I can't make out any words."

"Screw you's all," snorts Alberta, "I could buy and sell every one of ya's."

"La la la la, la la laa la la la laaa, I can't hear anything at all!" sings Ontario.

"Nah hah! High five!" chuckles Quebec.

Alberta stomps off to throw stones ponderously into the water. Soon, BC approaches to console him, and they talk quietly by themselves while Ontario and Quebec dazzle themselves with their wit and finery.


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