Friday, September 22, 2006


I caught a fleeting whisper on a news show the other day that there are Democrats who hope like hell to lose the big election just around the corner, which made no sense to a non-thinker like me, until I found this concise and quick article in Slate on that very topic.

"Still, there are reasons why the Democrats might be better off denying Republicans the defeat they crave in November. For the Democrats to win the House this year would offer the unappealing prospect of responsibility without power. With a slim majority in the next Congress, Democrats wouldn't be able to accomplish anything significant. The party would still lack the votes to pass health-care reform or to repeal the Bush tax cuts. But with control of even one chamber by one vote, the failure to act on such issues would now be their fault as well. Iraq and the fiscal mess would no longer be just Bush's problems. The Democratic Party will have a much clearer story line heading into the 2008 election if it is simply the party out of power and can call for a complete change."

I guess I think that while I feel Bush is a well-meaning but not very wise or prudent leader, and can understand, I suppose, the inclination to leave his problems in his lap, you're in politics to serve the people, not your party, and all parties should try like hell to win on E-Day. (Including Jack "We know we can't form government, but give us a voice" Layton)


Blogger mezba said...

it makes sense but then you would have to assume the US voters are that politically aware. Clinton lost control of the house midway through his second term and yet, most Americans credit him with the economy for all of his eight years. You are right, Democrats should just try to win and worry about 08 later.

Saturday, September 23, 2006 5:45:00 AM  

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